Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flowers on Memorial Day

A few weeks ago on a late night run for burritos I was sitting in the car with Daniel and Katie. In between greasy fries and a large strawberry soda, some how we got into a conversation on how nothing brings us to tears more than NPR. Katie said the stories on the Earthquakes in China had really made her tear up, for me it was always the stories about loved one's doing exceptionally kind things for each other. A few days ago I was driving to work listening to the radio on a drowsy friday morning. I overheard a story about a man whose father collects coffee cans to fill with fake flowers. He gives the gifts to dead loved one's every Memorial Day. Being a avid collector of random everyday objects this story perked my interest. The moment that choked me up came towards the end of the story. The man explained that his father gave these flowers to people who had made a difference in his life. His father said, "Well, we were poor and we didn't have anything. And when I needed to learn how to drive a car, Mr. Torpey taught me how to drive a car, and when I had to have a car to go on a date ... Mr. Torpey would loan me his Buick.' " Though he could not say it in person, every year he brought flowers to say thank you.

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