Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Youtube Tagger Capture

According to LA Times, Cyrus Yazdani who goes by the tag name "Buket" was captured today. The man was responsible for the damage $150,000 in property damage in the L.A. area. Like many tagger his writes on buses, street signs, and walls. What is interesting about his work is it's performative nature. He will tag in the middle of the day in front of huge groups of people, like people waiting for the bus. These tags are video taped and put on to youtube. Some of his most people videos have received up to 170,000. Why video tape it? As a artist who make documents of my public performances I am constantly asking this question. "Buket" graffiti are simple and actually quiet boring. I am sure I have seen his work all across LA and paid little attention to his markings. But through videos he has been able to blur the role as "tagger" and the position of conceptual video artist. This by no means is the first time this has been questioned, but with upwards of 150,000 damage, its an interested role to reexamine.

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