Friday, May 30, 2008

French Families Adopt U.S. Graves

In the spirit of Memorial Day NPR reported on a non profit that focuses on a French organization that adopts graves of American servicemen who died during Normandy of World War II. The group encourages families to put flowers on the graves when it is difficult for the American families to visit.

I found a few other organization that do similar adoptions:
The Highland Road Cemetery
Located in Hampshire, England, the Highland Road Cemetery encourages adoptions of their graves. Maintenance may include as minimal work as removing weeds to keeping the lawns surrounding the graves trimmed.

USS Arizona Historian
Created for the soldiers who fought in Pearl Harbor, Ray Emory, chief historian, developed a program in Hawaii "which would encourage anyone - anyplace - to pay tribute and to recognize those who made the ultimate sacrifice." By visiting the USS website Arizona historical information website , those interested in adopting a gravestone can choose a specific grave that they would like to adopt and make arrangements with the florist on the website or choose their own florist.

Hillside Cemetery
Located in Middle town, New York this cemetery developed a program to install new markers that have been destroyed over time to remember the soldiers who died during the Civil War. The cost for each marker installation is $75. and that is the cost of adoption. The new markers will be located directly in front of the old worn one to not disturb the history of the cemetery.

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